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I'm a self taught Designer, Illustrator and Entrepreneur. I have been designing and building products for the last 8 years and have worked with companies and organisations like Google, Prime Ministers Office, Panasonic, MyGov and Havells to name a few. During this time I have received various honours such as being part of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, being selected as a Bayer Youth Agvocate from India etc. I have also taken part and spoken at events like Harvard - US India Initiative, Design Up India, Bayer Youth Ag Summit and UXThailand.

Apart from building great products, I love football, video games  and movies. I speak English, Hindi and basic Spanish. 

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Stuff I've

worked on

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Did the branding for the Facebook backed fact checking website and created a design system for fake news. Also created a set of Whatsapp stickers available in 8 languages.

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Account Aggregator

Designed and Conceptualised the UX flows for the Account Aggregator Ecosystem as a volunteer for  ISPIRIT for the Government of India. Built a user flow document and prototype to be used as a guideline to building apps on the Account Aggregator

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COVID Action Collab

Worked with people from the NGO Swasti and the design agency Obvious to design  diagnostic tools and awareness material for doctors in 4 indian languages, helping in rapid diagnosis of covid-19


A Wix powered web agency that offers web design, branding ,SEO and social media marketing  for SME’s. Worked with clients across healthcare, e-commerce, education ,media and recruitment. Helped in increasing  traffic and customers by 60% on average across all clients

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Designed and Developed material for Delhi government schools in collaboration with school administration. It helped the students achieve a 100% pass rate and resulted in improved proficiency in the subject.a report was sent by the school to the Delhi Directorate of Education on the success of the project

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Golu is a platform for children where they can consume all sorts of content ranging from to stories to games. I did the branding and designed the entire platform to create a child friendly aesthetic and experience.

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Sapiens X

Led Havells' controlled environment agriculture division, that did research on hydroponic agriculture and its applications in india. We built a food computer, based on MIT's open agriculture project. 

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Digital Sky

As an iSpirt volunteer, I collaborated with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Ministry of Civil Aviation to design the prototype for the Digital Sky Platform- India's first unmanned flight management and registration platform. 

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Goludraws is a webcomic series which I created. You can check it out at Instagram @goludraws. I also created a set of iMessage stickers for the same which have over 4000+ downloads.

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Partnered with Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit

System ,one of Delhi’s primary transit agencies and piloted our ticketing  system on 2 bus routes.

We pitched our Data Management solution at the World Cities Summit 2018 in Singapore, and signed a MoU with the Government of Andhra Pradesh to pilot the solution.

Billions In Change

Designed the Android and iOS volunteer platform apps and designed the website. We also modernised and streamlined existing branding across all platforms.

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Prime Ministers Office App

Designed and developed the Prime Ministers Office India  app with Google and Government of India. This app gives citizens access to critical information about the Prime Minister’s major initiatives, news and social media updates - all this and more in 10 Indian languages.

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Bayer Youth Ag

Selected to represent India as a young leader in 

agriculture at Bayer Youth Ag Summit 2019 in Brasilia, Brazil. Pitched a blockchain based agricultural data 

sharing project to senior executives from Bayer and Pepsico. Part of Bayer's Agvocate Community.

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Built a personal finance management assistant that allowed customers to track and categorise spends, organise accounts and generate  insights to improve their finances. Were selected for Google's Launchpad Week 2015 in Bangalore .

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DUDI Challenge

Created a chat based game for the Peoples Power Collective to raise awareness. Interacted with individuals from Design Up and Design Indaba, and as  a result I participated in the UX Thailand conference in Bangkok and DesignUp Festival in Bangalore.

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Panasonic Seekit

Designed the Seekit app, India’s first bluetooth

tracker app for Panasonic . It is a tracking app that helps users keep a tab on their things using bluetooth. Designed the app User Interface and User Experience

along with icons, illustrations etc.. Worked closely with executives and teams from Panasonic India and Japan.



I've Been Featured In

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Who I've Worked With

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Where I've been

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Speaker in the panel India's Booming Startup Scene.

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Represented India at  the Youth Ag Summit in Brasilia, Brasil .

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Got Exclusive passes for the DesignUp festival after coming 2nd in the DUDI Challenge

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Attended UXThailand in Bangkok as a result of coming 2nd in DUDI Challenge

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Attended the Forbes 30U30 Conference in Hong Kong as a list maker.

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Attended WCS in Singapore to sign an MoU with the Andhra Government.

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Participated in SeqHack 2016 at Bangalore

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Spoke with my team at the Under25 Summit New Delhi



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